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    We sell only “beverage grade” co2, which means it has been tested to meet an FDA mandated 99.9% purity level. It is crisp, clean, and bright. It will impart no bad odors or tastes in your beer. It will not cause headaches which can be due to very small amounts of contaminates such as benzene or other hydrocarbons. Industrial co2 from welding shops and other sources is not usually tested to these high purity standards. Most liquor stores that fill co2 tanks do not have the appropriate equipment to do a correct fill. You usually do not get a full measure fill, but get charged for it; and rarely do they carry beverage grade. Great beer deserves high quality co2! We have the equipment to do a co2 fill while you wait. We do not fill co2 tanks larger than 20lbs.

About Hydrotesting

We will not fill a tank that is out of code!


    As required by government DOT regulations; all co2 tanks to be filled must have a production date or hydro-test date no older than 5 years. This date is stamped into the metal on the shoulder of the tank, listed by month and year, example: 07-12 (JULY of 2012). When a tank goes “out of code” it must be hydro-tested and re-stamped with a new month and year.


    Hydro testing is done in licensed facilities with sophisticated and very expensive equipment which rigorously tests the tanks integrity for holding very high pressure substances. This is done to co2 tanks, oxygen tanks, scuba tanks, Industrial gas tanks, propane tanks, etc. At room temperature a co2 tank holds between 900 and 1000 lbs. of pressure. It is really worth it to have your tank hydro tested. Although it may be cosmetically ugly; a fresh hydro-test date makes it as good as a new one. And like a new tank, it will be good for another 5 years. This is much cheaper than replacing it.


We recommend these two local hydro testing facilities:


Thunderbird Cylinder Inc

4209 East University Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85034

(602) 437-4600

Canyon Fire Extinguisher Co.

3651 N. 35th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85017

(602) 269-8394

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4925 W Bell Rd Suite D3 - Glendale, AZ 85308

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